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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
. and also, does obama want to compromise or work with the economy germany, china, greece. they have passed on the austerity cuts they're not getting the european union that funds they have been auctioning off funds. >> they need to start selling off some of those great monuments. is there any hope of grease stain in the european union? priests if staying--and decreasing just just not have the economy. and the country of is not have the staying power to stay in the european union. other countries follow suit, portugal, spain. >> let us take a look got the weather. >> good morning, darya is called right now by the it could be me. with w feet could-g this downtown san francisco it is--raining. concord san jose, 40's. it is a bit warmer than just 24 hours to go into continue with that warming trend. '70s. 70's for santa clara. '70s and los gatos. and 67 in fairfield. 68 in union city and a mild day with rain chance is to the north. 60s in petaluma. downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. 69 in oakland. the satellite and radar showing is what weather to the north of that will steer clear. we will
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
to 50%. the impact on the recovering the economy everyone agrees it will be like what happens to james bond in sky fog. kron 4 news. >> we will follow the latest developments on capitol hill as the approach the fiscal clip. san jose a quick live look traffic is fine. they have rain not too long ago it may still be falling. we will find out from erica. it is chilly 47 in san warning of only 256 this afternoon. 0ñ@Ñ we are back at 4:44 am. here's a look at different of cases throughout the sierra. snow is blanketing roadways and ski resorts. some think the amount of snow will bring an early ski season. most of the top hole resulorts will be opening up. now with the three day weekend coming up ski resorts are expecting big crowds. in a presleys' it was said they would reopen tomorrow after they have had enough time to make snow. resort officials say if that does not work they will open on sunday keep tabs on their website for the latest information. >> at4:45am. let's talk about the rain. >> be the good news is the wet weather is rotating out of their parent storm tracker 4 is lit up. y
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
retail space. they're hoping that 2000 full-time jobs plus seasonal jobs will really help the economy out here. this is the first outlet mall that has been built in california and 11 years. this is gray is the tri valley area. my daughters are coming fattato the mall puffed if i really like lucky brand jeans death >> the about $30 million in infrastructure support and they're hoping to get about $6 million a year back and revenue. the good thing is the malls opened at 10:00 tonight and will stay open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. you have plenty of time to get out here is are spending that money. >> it is a statement of the economic times isn't it? 11 years and no where in california they've been building an outlet mall until right now. that's pretty amazing. incredible the fact that people are ready to spend a mean that we're out of this economic slump. >> let's talk a little shopping and sears for black friday you do not have to wait till the day after thanksgiving anymore to get those deals. the retailer just announced that customers can shop online for the store's door bu
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
on should then we get almost 70 percent home on a chivalrous to the economy fall apart because the as-people should read what they are buying homes. >> in the 1960's a top tax bracket was 70 percent. bidding let's talk about facebook this morning. i'm watching facebook shares we thought they would plummet today. 700-800 million shares are out of the lockup. employes can sell them we thought with so many shares available the stock would plunge today. watching facebook is up 7.3%. this is one of the events that will get behind them. after they do the shares will come a lot more intriguing. retellings of coming out including michael corse says this is an important advertising. >> basically it is a trout, salmon swimming down the river. >> with facebook getting pass an event once they get past event it will become easy to become an investor. i'm looking between november and mid january at becoming an investor in facebook. >> a good lesson with the two not buy an ipo. >> and the restoration hardware bay area company went public in did pretty good on their ipo for about $10 per share. >> th
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
.europead that they are offical back in a recession. they stated that their economy is retracting. we also had a spike in weekly unemployment claims. it is up 78,000 mainly due to people in new york city falling for unemployment for the first time due to their offices being closed due to super storm sandy. the pace is slowing for foreclosures in the u.s.. the general trend across the united states is slowing in numbers. dow is down 30 points. >> three popular san francisco companies are in trouble. they have been fined $25,000 for operating without proper permits. these are the services and they were cited for violations for not have enough insurance and not enrolling their drivers and controlled substance and alcohol testing. states stated that they compare these to taxi services. right sure people stated that they are simply just helping people with cars connected with those who need a ride. they're also the target of a class action lawsuit that has been filed last week by a taxi driver who stated that the service is taking fares away from them. we wer >> do you know the car pool? they're picking people up an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5